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Location: Coventry

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Dr Vincent McKee - Lagan Principal and Professional Writer.


Lagan Writing Services was created in 2013, substantially but not exclusively, by a small group of Arts graduates from N. Ireland - hence the name Lagan, drawn from the same river on which our mother city of Belfast flows. All were concerned that traditional emphases on literacy and fluent grammar - so much a feature of Northern Ireland's conventional schooling - is being displaced across the wider British Isles by a culture of Americanised text and computer jargon, thereby leading to a slow corruption of the English language. Dropping standards of English grammar in schools and colleges, plus the work place, have been accompanied by the unremitting intrusion of American spellings, phrases and general sloppiness to the character of contemporary British English.

We do not welcome the Americanisation of English in these islands or its dumming down by commercial and IT forces here and elsewhere. Yet we recognise that in present conditions it is those adversely affected by this regrettable trend who need support from an organisation as ours explicitly committed to asserting the primacy of British English. This is not an Anglo-Saxon mission in defence of some unionist or imperial cultural ideal; conversely, most of us would hold an Irish rather than British political outlook. Nor is it a polemic negatively targeted at American culture or indeed our American neighbours, but rather a factual evaluation of the roots of declining English literacy from our point of view. We see our primary purpose as being to challenge the literacy decline as far as our capacity extends. Hence from the land that produced such literary titans as the late Seamus Heaney (Nobel laureate from Bellaghy, South Derry) and equally distinguished C.S. Lewis (a Belfast native), not to mention Belfast poet, Louis MacNeice, we come forward to challenge current trends, Lagan offers its services towards defending the English language against the destructive clutches of cultural philistines everywhere and at all levels on both sides of the Atlantic.

Realistically, it will take more than our protests to reverse the decline, but from this humble position we offer help to those whom the modern British and Irish educational and literary establishments have failed over recent decades. They include students, undergraduates and post graduates all experiencing problems with preparing their assignments and dissertations; researchers and professionals unsure about how to direct their promotional literature; people from outside the educational world needing help with drafting memoirs; companies requiring assistance with devising their literature and advertising etc, etc.The list is endless, but for those adversely affected by the failings of the system, the consequences are uncomfortable and deeply damaging to their particular interests. Lagan cannot stem a reprehensible linguistic trend, but we can and do offer our support services to assist those who have been disorientated and disadvantaged by its negative effects.

Accordingly, Lagan has been developed, firstly, as an exponent of grammatical British English and its primacy in the British Isles and wider English-speaking world. Additionally, Lagan's view of the langauge and its place in education, commerce and literature means we are eager to provide support services to groups and individuals requiring our help. Hence we have the various options available to students, post-graduate researchers, companies and small firms, VIPs embarking on memoir-writing and publishers needing reviewers/indexers - all of which are listed throughout this website. It is our earnest hope that one or other of these services will be taken up by a growing clientele base over times ahead, and to the definite advantage of all.

A publishing venture is planned for October 2017 on a history of the British Tory Party- by Vincent McKee. Perhaps - as the proverb goes - from little acorns oak trees will eventually grow!

Our early results speak positively for themselves (see client feedback page), and it is our earnest hope that we can meet and assist ever more clients from all areas of academic, business, literary, professional and cultural life in Gt Britain and Ireland over the course of the next twelve months. Here's hoping! Meanwhile, here at Lagan, we wish all our clients and enquirers the very best with their different pursuits.

Dr Vincent McKee, Principal.