Academic writing servicesWe recognise that the pressurised nature of contemporary college and university life has meant students being judged ever-more on the quality of assessed projects and essay work. This has meant young people organising their study programme around submission deadlines, meeting all the challenges that imposes, not the least of which is scarce access to limited supplies of books, journals and other study resources. For many students, this in turn means having to make best use of scarce library materials within a short time space and under grave pressure. The burden falls especially hard on overseas students, as well as mature adults returning to study often after many years of work.

Lagan has a pool of post graduates, drawn from all major subject areas, offering an effective support system to students with essay and assignment difficulties. Our people can proof read assignments, advising on amendments, ‘tweeking’ and copy-checking all such assignments with expert mentors before submission. Lagan tutors operate professionally and swiftly, and will make every effort to ensure that the student’s work is of required standard before submission. Moreover, in the event of exam/assessment disappointments, Lagan mentors will offer support and guidance to unfortunate students preparing for re-submission.

Lagan will further offer intensive revision lessons to students preparing for exams in most mainstream subjects, and at all levels ranging from high school and college up to university. Out tutors are well qualified and experienced, and can handle small groups as well as individual students. Moreover, the service can be offered in various venues across Britain and Ireland, as well as electronically via Skype. Special arrangements are available to assist students pursuing courses in universities outside the UK and Irish Republic using Skype,Yahoo Messenger and other services.

NOTE – Lagan affirms its respect for the examination regulations of all colleges, universities and other public bodies in the UK and Irish Republic, as well as other countries from where its overseas clientele are drawn. Accordingly, we shall neither facilitate nor condone cheating, plagiarism or undue collaboration in the submission of course work in breach of academic rules of any or all of the institutions or countries concerned. Prospective clients are asked to be aware of this factor when seeking Lagan's help..

Main Contact: Dr Patrick Burns,  Tel: 07505995225


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