Support with preparing your post graduate thesis. – Ph.D./Masters/Diploma etc

dissertation writing service ukHaving difficulties with drafting your Doctoral, Master’s or Diploma thesis? Unable to get going? Having difficulty in planning direction? Unclear about language and presentation? Poor quality of supervision? etc, etc.

Problems can span a very wide stream of considerations ranging from organisation of material, research methods, interviewing technique, preparation of the proposal, accessing relevant journals and IT sources to actually writing the dissertation chapter by chapter? There is also the issue of incorporating guidance from supervisors into your script as you go along. For students required to submit a revised thesis, this can be an especially daunting task, not least because your career may well hinge on its success.

We both understand and empathise with those problems, as most of our people – including both the firm head and deputy – have travelled that same route in student days. Getting both Masters and Doctorate were hard-earned attainments, and achieved by a long and rocky road beset by many hurdles.

Lagan does not offer direct subject teaching because that is the prerogative of the university supervisor. Nor can we be involved with undue collusion, plagiarism or other infringements of public examinations regulations. Actually, what we offer is a student-friendly way of proof reading, copy-checking, advising on style and preparation, and generally seeking to enhance the theses of our clients ahead of submission. Our people all hold Doctorates and Master’s degrees in various academic disciplines, and are thus equipped with the necessary expertise for assisting research students – including those persons coming from outside British/Irish culture – to manage their academic writing obligations.

Our aid comes in three different ways.
1. Direct monitoring of the student preparing his/her thesis.
2. Guidance and monitoring students preparing deferred theses for re-submission.
3. Copy checking and recommending enhancements to students with theses already completed ahead of final submission.

In each instance, the work will be carried out by a well-qualified mentor with subject experience. Also, such help as may be given will be done professionally and confidentially with no reference to third parties. Please contact either Dr McKee (Tel: 07435785824) or Dr Burns (Tel: 07505995225) or email us to make initial enquiries.

Repeat - Complete confidentiality is assured

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