memoirs writingAre you a serving or retired/retiring footballer or sportsman/woman from another field? Have you participated in the worlds of music, entertainments, theatre or acting? How about politics, public service or some other high profile field?

If you spent your career in the public eye in some form or other, it is likely that your life story will command fair interest among a wide cross section. You may well have a substantial fan base and/or lots of appreciative onlookers with a serious regard for your account of life at the top .. so to speak … not to mention your view of developments in that field. At the very least, you owe it to those who cheered/supported you, bought your CDs or even voted for you to put your story in the public domain. A well written autobiography will ensure your place in posterity, as well as marketing your contribution, with all the advantages that brings for your reputation.

Without doubt, an autobiography is desirable for those with VIP or high public profiles. Yet the proliferation and varying standards of many autobiographies adorning the shops, supermarkets and airport departure lounges highlights the reality of some efforts as being more worthy than others. Plainly, some are interesting and well presented, while, alas, others are rushed, shallow and lacking substance. Often the pressure to get one’s title and front photo onto the bookstalls leads to hurried pieces that ultimately do more damage than credit to the subject’s reputation and for those carrying on your legacy.

The truth is that a creditable autobiography requires five main ingredients

1. Accurate and documented primary material from the subject’s life and career.
2. A balanced and fair perspective of events and persons affecting one’s career.
3. Willingness to accept one’s mistakes and limitations.
4. Presentation of relevant and informed viewpoints on events impacting on the field of one’s career, and suggestions for future direction.
5. Decent literary style.

Putting together the material from all those previous areas takes time, patience and serious effort. Such a task may be more challenging than many subjects had appreciated or are prepared for. Hence professional assistance may be needed. Lagan has several  established authors in its pool of tutors and instructors; eg our head is a published biographer, obituary writer, contemporary historian and member of the Society of Authors. We offer a discreet and professional ‘ghost-writing’ service with the essence being co-operation between subject and writer, Ultimately, our aim is to produce a high quality publishable product – in the subject’s name – that does justice to his/her reputation both at the time and over decades to come.

Enquirers contact - Dr V. McKee, Tel: 07435785824    or   Dr Patrick Burns, Tel: 07505995225.

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