proofreadingLagan offers an experienced and professional pool of copy proof readers, indexers and reviewers to all publishing concerns for books, journals and associated literature. Our people are well qualified, with many possessing direct experience of the publishing world, and are well equipped to take on this task. We offer attractive terms which include fast and effective service at competitive rates.

Many of Lagan's manpower pool are themselves authors and professional writers/researchers from the various fields of History, Humanities, English Literature, Theology, Anthropology and Modern Languages. They have experience of reviewing and indexing, and can work to time-sensitive deadlines to a competitive standard. Please note that the C.V.s of relevant persons are available on request.

NOTE – Lagan has a strict policy of applying only British English. No concessions are made to American dialect, text code or other mediums of questionable literacy.

Where a publisher has need of extra services,eg. legal overview, emergency proof-reading and/or amendments etc these can be offered. Rates are negotiable and will be kept competitive. Contact : Dr McKee   07435785824


Up there on the bookshelves with the best of them, Forty Shades of Blue.