Terms & Conditions

Regulations, Terms and Conditions  -  Lagan Writing Services

1. Lagan Writing Services exists to provide professional writing services through the medium of British English to commercial firms, voluntary organisations, corporate bodies and individuals. All business is aimed at meeting client demand from the pool of expertise that we possess. Lagan does not recognise or condone so-called American English, text language or other modes of questionable literacy.

2. The executive head of the organisation shall be called the Director, assisted by the Executive Manageress (E.M).

3. All correspondence from clients and others should be directed to the Director at Lagan's Coventry office.

4. The normal fields of commercial activity shall be Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. However, Lagan will accept business from clients in other national jurisdictions, subject to the laws of those jurisdictions.

5. As a supplementary, we can provide tutorial support, but as an ancillary to our principal form of business as stated in RTC 1.

6. The firm shall be called Lagan Writing Services in all correspondence and official documentation, but hereinafter referred to as "Lagan" for purposes of abbreviated clear speaking.

7. All Lagan Services agreed with the client shall be confirmed in writing to the client's private or business address - or if both parties agree - to his/her email address, with costs, discounts guaranteed service levels, site and mentors/trainers and facilities listed in correspondence. Such correspondence shall presume the client's agreement with the arrangement, and after the commencement of service shall constitute a contract between Lagan and the client. Any amendments or variations shall be formalised in advance.

8. Lagan will normally ask for clients to pay either a modest registration fee (listed in our Payments section) or 25% deposit in advance. Any decision to vary or waive registration or deposit will be at the Director's discretion, and shall normally only occur in exceptional circumstances.

9. Where it proves necessary to levy additional fees such as VAT or other taxes levied by either Her Britannic Majesty's Government or the Government of Ireland, those will be specifically listed.

10. All fees shall be acknowledged by duly itemised receipts.

11. Normally, when agreeing a service contract, the Director/E.M will provide to the client a written estimate of the likely cost, along with an agreement on payment terms. Should costs rise during the course of the service, the Director or E.M will advise the client accordingly in writing.

12. Where a client agrees to pay full costs in advance for services, there is normally discount of up to 20% available. Should the costs rise subsequently, the client will be expected to settle the bill swiftly.

13. All tuition fees should be settled in advance of individual lessons, with the option of up to 20% discount for full payment of the course fee in advance.

14. Where a service is cancelled or the service is discontinued at the request of the client, any refunds due shall be payable by cheque within twenty one calendar days of the cancellation.

15. Payment will be accepted by cash, cheque, postal order or bank transfer - with cheques/POs credited to "Lagan Writing Services". Regrettably, Lagan is unable to offer the option of credit/debit card or Pay-pal payments.

16. Payments are required in Sterling (UK), other than in the Irish Republic where Euro currency payments will be accepted. Where a client is settling a bill from abroad other than Ireland, the Director or E.M are empowered to exercise discretion about which currency and by what method to receive payment.

17. Under no circumstances shall Lagan or any of its mentors/tutors break or compromise any regulation of the professional examining bodies, universities, colleges or other organisations for whose students it is providing support. This rule applies equally to British and Irish institutions, along with those of other countries from where Lagan's clientele may come.

18. Lagan mentors/tutors will provide full support to clients to the best of their ability. However, we do not guarantee results or attainments by clients or students, and regrettably, cannot accept liability for disappointing results.

19. Lagan mentors/tutors shall act with due professionalism at all times, seeking always to provide the client with the most effective service open to him/her.

20. Clients may assume that all mentors/tutors have been appointed after a substantial vetting process, inclusive of the taking up of references, background checks and verification of examination certificates.

21. Where a client feels a grievance towards Lagan, he/she should put their complaint in writing to the Director/E.M. The Director or E.M shall investigate and try resolving the issue, normally within fourteen working days. Where a refund is due, this shall be settled by cheque within twenty one working days.

22. The Director or E.M may appoint a deputy to act during periods of incapacity, absence or non-availability.

23. Lagan asks clients to make us aware in advance of any special circumstances applying to their professional needs, eg. cognitive, medical conditions, cultural, religious beliefs, ethics/values or professional obligations. As far as possible, we shall endeavour to apply those needs to our particular service to the client as sensitively as is possible.

24. Lagan is an equal opportunities organisation and services provider. We respect the religious beliefs, cultures, values, racial backgrounds, gender and lifestyles of ALL CLIENTS.

25. Lagan is a Christian/Roman Catholic organisation committed to upholding Christian moral ethics in the business, literary, academic and professional worlds according to our beliefs. As such, we will not accept any contracts that involve positive attitudes to or approval of the following practices which we deplore: - abortion, human embryo research, euthanasia, commercial gambling, gratuitous and/or extreme violence, drug abuse,  alcohol indulgence, racism, obscene pornography, homosexual/lesbian romantic relationships and/or same-sex marriages.